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How much do Eyelash Extensions cost?
We start our full sets at $175, average cost being $200-270, because everyone has a different need when it comes to the thickness and length of their natural lashes. Our lashes are customized just for your individual needs and desired look. A more dramatic set of lashes will cost around $250-$300. We offer classic, natural volume, and volume lashes.

  • Classic lashes are when one lash extension is adhered to a natural lash using a medical grade adhesive.
  •  Volume lashes are a luxury service as they create the thickest look and require intensive training to apply. 2-4 lash extensions are adhered to each natural lash.

Your lash artist will decide the safest method of application for you. We take the health of your natural lashes very seriously. Lashes that are applied incorrectly will damage natural lashes.

How do you apply them?
We use a medical grade adhesive that is safe to be applied to the eye area. No lashes will be touching your lash line and all lashes are singular, meaning they are not stuck together. We do not use cluster lashes.

How long do they last?
They last indefinitely with regular maintenance. Most clients return every 2-4 weeks for a relash appointment taking about an hour. Your care of the lashes will greatly increase how long they stay on.

How do I take care of them?
Making sure you keep them clean is the best way to take care of them. Using our lash wash and completely removing makeup is most important.

How long does it take?
Your first full set of lashes will take about 2 hours, including consultation and application. Volume lashes will take longer. Relash appointments are about an hour, but can take longer with more time since your last relash.

Can I wear mascara?
We recommend using Xtreme Lashes mascara only as it is approved for use with eyelash extensions. Clients that choose to wear makeup and other mascaras will risk greater shedding of their extensions.

Can I get them wet?
Lash extensions are waterproof! They are great for a vacation, you’ll wake up with your makeup! Keeping them clean is the best way to keep them fabulous!

What does a relash cost?
Depending on which lash artist you see, it ranges from $65-$85 when it has been 2 weeks since your last relash, $60-$95 for 3 weeks.

How often do I need to come back?
Most clients come see us at 2-3 weeks. Your natural lashes shed, faster than you expect, so when you come see us, we place new lashes on new growth and make sure everything is perfect!
Our WISH Volume lashes are the longest lasting lashes we offer. 

What are the lashes made of?
They are a synthetic resin material. We do not use mink or real hair. Our lashes are high quality and light-weight.  Most popular are our black lashes, however we do carry a few colored lashes for fun.